Ruby and Rose Learn Something New
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Ruby & Rose Learn how to Ride a Horse
Ruby and Rose Learn how to Fish

About the Authors

Authors Stacey LaViola and Tracy Rolling are identical twins.  They were born in San Diego, California, and have had an unmistakable bond since birth. Although their careers and families have added distance between them at times, they are overjoyed to both be living in Katy, Texas, and be launching their series of stand-alone children books titled Ruby and Rose.


The book concept was born in the spring of 2020 when the dynamic duo wanted to use their imaginations and share a glimpse into the life of living as a twin. Book one introduces Ruby and Rose, identical twins, who attend their first day of second grade.  Each book is uniquely illustrated and offers readers between the ages of six and eight the opportunity to color an assortment of pictures that coincide with the books story. The authors used a special technique to replicated photographs and elements of free online artwork to produce spectacular images that support imaginative learning and engage the readers participation.


To complete the learning experience, the authors created a list of vocabulary words specific to the story.  The vocabulary words are identified in bold throughout the book.  Definitions can be found in a glossary at the end of each book. 


During the series, Ruby and Rose go on various adventures, make new friends, and always learn something new. A few of their escapades include learning to ride a horse, learning how to fish, and learning about everyday heroes such as nurses and firefighters.


It is the authors passion to share these delightful story and coloring books with children around the world.

Stacey LaViola is a natural educator.  She has been active at-home-mom for the past 22 years. Much of her time is devoted to carrying and advocating for her special-needs daughter, and helping raise her three, now grown boys. She and her husband, Frank LaViola, owned and operated a restoration company in the Houston area.  Currently she is a substitute teacher at a local Christian Preschool and enjoys spending time with her family, walking their three dogs, crafting and is a spectacular interior designer.

Tracy Rolling is an award-winning journalist who coins herself a ‘life-long learner’.  She is a successful copywriter, non-profit grant writer, and real estate expert. She also loves to volunteer and has served in various capacities on numerous Board of Directors.  She recently survived a life-threatening illness, and credits her husband, Leland Rolling, for his unwavering support.  In her spare time, Tracy enjoys playing competitive tennis, walking her adorable dog, reading romance novels, and spending time with their adult children.

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